European Disunion? Ask the Germans.


As Germany Goes, So Goes the European Union

Pphoto_Introdcution Syrian refugees being rounded up by European security forces upon arrival. This is the key driver behind European disintegration.

“EU leaders must do more to protect the European Union’s external borders or risk a relapse into nationalism.” – German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaking at a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renz, in May of 2016

With the most recent round of Wahhābīst violence on display in Nice, France during the annual Bastille Day celebrations, and the recent Brexit vote, one thing should be certain to all observers: the European Union is disintegrating. As I argued both in my interview with Don Kroah as well as in my article on Brexit, the EU has stopped delivering on its economic promises, prompting most European voters to reassess their commitment to the Union. What began primarily as an inspired free trade…

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