Revolt in Eastern Europe…

‘Brexit revolt’ Hungary, Poland, Czechs & Slovaks vow EU REVOLUTION to block migrant plot

FORMER Communist states are hatching plans to use Brexit as an opportunity to exploit the European Union in order to preserve their own “national and religious identity”.


06:20, Thu, Sep 8, 2016 | UPDATED: 08:46, Thu, Sep 8, 2016


Merkel Victor OrbanGETTY

Hungary’s Victor Orban wants the EU to place more emphasis on the needs of member states

Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia will push for the EU to move away from Western liberalism and towards a more nationalist stance, spurred on by Britain’s Brussels exit.
Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s populist conservative prime minister, pledged to use an upcoming EU debate to lobby for the Brussels bloc to do more to uphold the “historic, religious and national identity” of its member states.

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He said: “Brexit is a fantastic opportunity for us. We are at a historic cultural moment. There is a possibility of a cultural counter-revolution right now.
“People don’t change, national and religious identities still have their place. There’s no European identity that could replace them.”

At the summit in Bratislava on September 16, the Visegrad Group of Eastern European nations will say Brexit reveals an underlying hostility to an EU agenda that flies in the face of many communities in countries with different histories or experiences of immigration and globalisation.
The move could see the nations come to blows with Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, Spain and Italy – all states that pride themselves on a liberal world view.
Merkel Victor OrbanGETTY

Victor Orban wants more control over the “national and religious” identities of Eastern Europeans

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of Poland’s ruling Justice and Law party, said: “Europe needs deep changes. These changes must be rooted in a cultural counterrevolution reminding us that Europe has a wealth of European cultures.”
Hungary’s Mr Orban also called for the EU to take a stronger stance on mass immigration.
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He said: “Economic patriotism is a valid topic to discuss. People say that money doesn’t smell but the owner of the money does.
“Only those nations that have their historic, religious and national identity will survive and be strong.”



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