DNC Waged a War Sanders Couldn’t Win…

Just as the Republicans have united behind Donald Trump, some 20,000 leaked emails have revealed the back-room machinations conducted at the highest levels of the Democratic Party in order to surreptitiously push Secretary Clinton to her Party’s nomination.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) convention begins this week, but it will be characterized by scandal and dissension, as demonstrated by the fact that its tainted leader, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has already announced her resignation as chair (effective at week’s end).

For months, the DNC has scoffed while both Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders relentlessly contended that the primaries were rigged in favor of Secretary Clinton. But now there is evidence to prove that they were right, evidence that calls the legitimacy of the entire Democratic Party primary process into question.

In a May 21 email, Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz mocked the prospects of a Sen. Sanders presidency, calling it “silly” and adding, “He isn’t going to be president.” There is no question that a cabal, led by Wasserman Schultz and high-ranking members of the DNC, has been in place for months and that its sole, illicit purpose was to prevent Sanders from having a serious chance at winning his party’s nomination.

The Democratic establishment may not have taken Sanders (or his “democratic” socialist ideology) very seriously at the outset.  But when he began racking up delegates and states, it became clear that his platform was resonating with many voters.

By the end, Sanders had taken 23 states outright and would have secured the party nomination but for the superdelegates (i.e., the DNC cabal) selecting Secretary Clinton over him.



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