Sweden – Rapists not a child…

One of the so-called refugee who was convicted of the brutal gang-rape of vanity came away with the youth because he claimed to be 16 years. But now there is information from Interpol, which shows that the man was over 20 years at the event, and the Prosecutor-General therefore requests stature in the Supreme Court that he will receive a more severe punishment. It was the night of September 9, 2015 that a woman was tricked by the viewpoint vanity in Stockholm by a group of immigrant men who then assaulted her and took turns raping her for several hours.

Two of the man convicted in the Court of Appeal to youth custody and the third claimed to be under 15 when the crime was committed sagging therefore totally punishment. This despite the fact that medical studies show that at least two of them were over 18 of them previously stated to be 33 years.


The vanity in Stockholm.

Now Interpol come with details of one of the condemned man’s identity claiming that he is older than what has emerged in the past. The man said he was 16 and sentenced to Svea Court of Appeal to 9 months’ youth custody.According to Interpol, he was 20 years and two months when the crime was committed and has a name other than what has emerged in the past.Therefore, claims are now the Attorney General that the sentence be changed to take account of the man’s true age.

– It is rare that the Prosecutor claiming the revision to the detriment of the convicted person, and especially in the matter of the sentence should be tightened, says Ewa Nyhult, additional prosecutors and responsible for raising issues.



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