Obama Secretly Met With Black Lives Matter Leader Today For 4.5 Hours


“In the afternoon, the President will convene individuals from around the country – including activists, civil rights, faith, law enforcement and elected leaders – to have a conversation about ways we can keep people safe, build community trust, and ensure justice for all Americans,” it reads.

The meeting comes days after Mckesson was arrested at a protest in Baton Rouge over the death of Alton Sterling – an armed black male who was shot while struggling with law enforcement.

Although Mckesson has met with the president before, the meeting will likely become a controversial topic given recent violence stemming from Black Lives Matter supporters.

GOP nominee Donald Trump accused the group of dividing the nationTuesday during a segment on Fox New.

“I would say they’re dividing America,” Trump said. “I saw what they said about the police in various marches and rallies, I’ve seen moments of silence called for this horrible human being who shot the policemen.”

“And I’ve seen it and I think it’s certainly, it’s very divisive and I think they’re hurting themselves.”

Mckesson was already making headlines today after it was learned that he was living in a home owned by a member of the Soros-owned Open Society Institute.



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